Physics Songs
A Grassroots NB Project.
Rothesay High School

    This project, completed by Mr. White's Grade 12 Physics Class consists of parodies on various pop and classical songs.  The class took some aspect of physics and put it to music.  Then, using a computer program called "Dart Karioke", the original lyrics to the songs were removed and the students performed their versions for the class.  The songs were also recorded in digital format with the intent of putting them on this webspace.

    A few problems were encountered by the class during this project.  The students found that some songs lyrics could be removed much more successfully by the software than others.  Also, it was determined that the web space alloted to projects like this would not allow for the posting the mp3 versions of all of the songs, and the songs which were posted were seriously compressed datafiles, causing some problems with sound quality.  In lieu of this, the songs were burnt onto a CD, and midi versions of the music were added to the lyrics.

 On to the Songs!